Adult Mentoring Program

The third greatest predictor of re-offending is linked to whom an ex-prisoner associates with (Department of Corrective Services NSW). Women & female youth leaving prison are less likely to re-enter prison and/or detention if they have appropriate social support and are part of a mentoring program upon their release.

Since 2010 WJN have recruited, interviewed and trained female volunteers from the community to mentor women being released from prison. The WJN Mentoring Program is a strengths-based and client-centered model that aims to encourage autonomy, support community reintegration and promote overall wellbeing.

The Mentors are an incredible group of women from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, spanning a wide age range, who have varied skills and interests and all of whom are passionate and committed.

For more information, email our Mentoring Coordinator , call on 02 8011 0699 or read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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