Open letter to Australian governments on divesting from police and prisons 2020
Women’s Justice Network joined members of the UNSW Centre for Crime, Law and Justice in signing an Open Letter to Australian governments to end the over-criminalisation and over-imprisonment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The open letter was prepared by UNSW in consultation with others who share a deep concern about the harms wrought by damaging criminal justice practices, especially upon Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

The letter calls on Australian governments to: urgently implement the recommendations of the ALRC report Pathways to Justice, to raise the age of criminal responsibility to 14 years of age; end ever-increasing police and corrections budgets; invest in community services and structural initiatives led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ calls for self-determination, control and voice, and for significant social and economic investment in their communities.

The signed letter will then be circulated to be the media, policy-makers and politicians.

Read the open letter here

WJN works to raise awareness of and progress the cultural, social, economic and political inequalities that exist for criminalised women by addressing the policies and practices that sustain these injustices.

WJN acknowledges the many areas of advocacy and/or policy requiring attention for women in the criminal justice system, however to date have examined:
⋅ Post release support, including suitable and affordable housing
⋅ Education in prison
⋅ Family domestic violence and/or sexual violence
⋅ Mental health, intellectual disability & cognitive Impairment
⋅ Medication in prison
⋅ Strip Searching in prison

Keeping Women out of Prison Coalition (KWOOP)

Please contact us if there are particular issue or area that you would like us to research and/or respond to.